Illustration Commission Pricing

DnD Character Drawings


Liana Draws elf lass bust DnD character drawingLiana Draws female kenku pacifist druid bust DnD character illustrationLiana Draws male sobling bust world building character illustration

$ 80


Liana Draws female firbolg cleric DnD character drawingLiana Draws Arabelle from Curse of Strahd waist-up DnD character illustrationLiana Draws male human ranger waist-up DnD character illustration

$ 140

Full Body

Liana Draws male warlock full body DnD character drawingLiana Draws female human monk DnD character drawingLiana Draws female dragonborn sorcerer (sorceress) DnD character drawing

$ 180

Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired Tarot Illustrations

Waist-Up Tarot

Liana Draws female half-elf drow sorcerer with goth meets e-girl aesthetics and shadow wolf behind her Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustrationLiana Draws rat man (Skaven from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar) holding little mouse Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustrationLiana Draws male half-orc cleric in sunflower field Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustrationLiana Draws male kalashtar cleric with blue eyes, long blonde hair, and overall athletic look, wearing chain mail under white clerical clothing with black and golden accents, holding a scimitar with one hand and Holy Symbols of Revakind and Ilmater with the other hand Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustrationLiana Draws female human cleric sitting on a chair beside a golden fire urn with a quiver and bow case hanging from the chair, wearing a white dress (resembling religious ceremonial clothing) and holding a war hammer cane with a wooden handle and intricate club placed next to the chair, with a realistic small Sylveon (from Pokemon) resting on her knees Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustration

$ 220

Wanted Poster Drawings

Wanted Poster

Liana Draws wanted poster of male genasi wanted for kidnapping dead or alive
Liana Draws wanted poster of female elf wanted for crimes of murder and robbery dead or alive

$ 40

How long does a drawing take?
Aside from the drawing type and complexity for a particular drawing, the delivery date will largely depend on my availability and how packed my drawing queue is. I try to include a delivery date estimate for each individual drawing type on my request page.

Additionally, I provide a rough delivery estimate with each request. However, please know that I reserve spots in my queue only after the payment has been made, so I am able to provide more-accurate estimates then.

Naturally, the duration varies depending on the drawing type and the desired complexity. As you can imagine, a fully-illustrated epic multi-level battlefield scene with numerous monsters and characters takes longer than a bust of a plain mannequin-looking warforged.

In the case of a Full Body Character Drawing, for example, it takes me about 3-4 days to complete a drawing. Sometimes it takes me a little less than that, and sometimes quite a bit more.

Also, for certain drawing types I offer to include a rough sketch before the final draft, which is an opportunity for us to discuss and confirm that we're headed in the right direction, or make any changes, if necessary. Typically, the final draft is ready about a week after the rough sketch has been confirmed.

Please keep in mind that one of the factors for the way I've priced my drawings is how long an average drawing takes, and if the request contains something extraordinarily time-consuming or complex, then there will likely be extra cost associated with that. Please know, however, that I will inform you well in advance if that is the case and we'll have the opportunity to discuss and figure out the best path forward.

Lastly, it's important to mention that life happens and sometimes delays occur. Please know that my approach, despite any turbulence or delay, has been to always prioritize the art (without rushing it or compromising on the quality) which doesn't help when there are delays, but that's just non-negotiable for me.
What payment methods do you accept?
I currently accept payments primarily through PayPal. It's convenient, secure, and available virtually everywhere.

For other methods we'd have to discuss further so I can evaluate the feasibility, however please know that I don't accept crypto.
Are the rates for group drawings different?
I hate to give a vague answer, but it really depends on what you have in mind. As a general rule, if all of the characters in the drawing need to be fully visible, then the rates would be the same as ordering multiple individual characters. On the other hand, if some characters will be partially visible in the finished composition, then there might be room for a discount. Please get in touch with me via email and let's discuss.
What is the process for commissioning a drawing?
It all typically starts with the request page. There you can use the structured form to specify all the details and visual references you'd like about your drawing. Alternatively, you can provide this information via email, if that's what you'd prefer.

You will be given the option to pay immediately after submitting the request. Please know that I reserve spots in my queue only after the payment has been made, however no payment is required to submit a request.

I will get in touch with you after reviewing the details in your request. Once the details are agreed upon, and you've made the purchase, I will begin the drawing process.

Depending on the drawing type, I can send a rough sketch for you to approve so we can discuss and confirm that we're headed in the right direction. We can also skip the rough sketch to save some time.

You will receive the finished drawing via email, and if there are no final touch-ups to be made, then that should be the end of that journey - until the next one!

As a very short summary of steps:
  1. Request and payment
  2. Rough Sketch (optional, and depends on drawing type)
  3. Final Drawing
Are you currently accepting commissions?

You may submit a request to commission a drawing from me using my request page.
May I use the drawing for commercial purposes?
By default, all of the illustrations commissioned through my website are intended strictly for personal use, so you may NOT use them in any commercial capacity without receiving explicit written permission from me.

I'd be more than glad to draw something for you for commercial use or allow you to use your existing personal-use drawing commercially, but only after we've discussed and agreed on the the terms. So shoot me an email if that's what you're after.

Let's bring your character to life!

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