Illustration Commission Pricing

DnD Character Drawings


Liana Draws elf lass bust DnD character drawing

$ 80


Liana Draws female firbolg cleric DnD character drawing

$ 140

Full Body

Liana Draws male warlock full body DnD character drawing

$ 180

Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired Tarot Illustrations

Waist-Up Tarot

Liana Draws female half-elf drow sorcerer with goth meets e-girl aesthetics and shadow wolf behind her Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustration Liana Draws rat man (Skaven from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar) holding little mouse Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustration Liana Draws male half-orc cleric in sunflower field Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustration

$ 220

Wanted Poster Drawings

Wanted Poster

Liana Draws wanted poster of male genasi wanted for kidnapping dead or alive
Liana Draws wanted poster of female elf wanted for crimes of murder and robbery dead or alive

$ 40


What payment methods do you accept?

I currently accept payments primarily through PayPal. It's convenient, secure, and available virtually everywhere. For other methods we'd have to discuss further, so I can evaluate their feasibility.

When can I expect the final drawing?

Depending on the drawing type and my availability, the turnaround time might range from a few days to a few weeks. I will let you know well in advance, once I receive your request.

May I use the illustrations for commercial purposes?

By default, all of the illustrations are for personal use only. I'd be more than glad to draw something for you for commercial use, but only after we discuss. So shoot me an email if that's what you're after.

Can you do custom backgrounds or complex scenes?

Gladly! I like a good challenge. However this will be outside of the usual rates, and the extra cost would entirely depend on what you have in mind. Submit a request and let's discuss.

May I post the drawings online?

Of course! I am honored that you want to share my drawings with others on the internet. Please include a link to my website,, alongside the drawing when possible.

I would prefer that you not modify the image when you post it. I do insist that the watermark be fully visible, even if you decide to post a cropped version. At the very least include a link to my website,, in a prominent location, if you want to crop the drawing in order to highlight a part of it.

The reason I include a watermark in my drawings is because once an image finds its way to the internet it gets spread around by people through sites like Pinterest and becomes visible on numerous search engines, and once that happens a lot of context gets lost. Without that memento there's no way to trace back the drawing to me and I can no longer have control of my art. I've deliberately made the watermark as unobtrusive as possible to avoid any issues with this.

Are the rates for group drawings different?

I hate to give a vague answer, but it really depends on what you have in mind. As a general rule, if all of the characters in the drawing need to be fully visible, then the rates would be the same as ordering individual characters multiple times. On the other hand, if some characters will be partially visible in the finished composition, then there might be room for a discount. Please get in touch with me via email and let's discuss.

What is the process for commissioning a drawing from you?

First off all, thank you for considering getting a commission from me!

It all starts with the Request page. There you can specify all about your character's appearance, and also how I can reach out to you. I will hastily get in touch with you so that we can iron out the final details. Once the details are agreed upon, and you've made the purchase, I will begin the drawing process. At the start, I can send a rough sketch for you to approve before I provide the final draft for confirmation. Once you've received the finished drawing that should be the end of that journey! Until the next one :)

Are you currently accepting commissions?


Can I ask you another question?

Yes, and you just did. Feel free to reach out to me using my email address. It is listed on the bottom of each page.