Your D&D character, brought to life

Characters in our campaigns often mean more to us than others could ever know, but without a visual representation it can be difficult to get others to get to know your character as you do. With your help I could gladly draw your character exactly how you envision him or her.

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You Love Your Characters, I Love Drawing Them

Liana Draws steampunk female tiefling artificer DnD character illustration
Liana Draws rat man (skaven from warhammer: Age of Sigmar) holding little mouse Dragon Age Inquisition-inspired tarot illustration
Liana Draws tall and slender female changeling sorcerer / rogue multi-class with white hair, skin, and eyes, wearing brown leather, green cloth, and a dark green tunic, holding a dagger and a lightning spell, with a fierce look on her face DnD character drawing
Liana Draws male orc paladin resembling Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher and The Mountain from Game of Thrones (or ASOIAF) DnD character illustration
Liana Draws japanese female archer from Legend of the Five Rings DnD character illustration
Liana Draws male human fighter sitting on throne DnD character illustration
Liana Draws female human pact of the great old one warlock DnD character illustration
Liana Draws female changeling rogue turned half-elf (resembling Emma Watson) bust DnD character illustration
Liana Draws female tiefling barbarian DnD character drawing
Liana Draws female dark elf rogue DnD character drawing
Liana Draws male dwarf barbarian waist up DnD character drawing
Liana Draws male human paladin DnD character drawing
Liana Draws female changeling sorcerer with mask bust DnD character drawing
Liana Draws male dragonborn cleric DnD character drawing
Such an amazing job! Price was great, artwork was incredible, and great communication throughout! Will definitely be a repeat customer!

- Sam T.

Amazing artwork exactly as advertised and catered to some unusual requests with very fast turnaround and excellent feedback throughout.

- Oliver

Liana is such a gifted artist, and she was able to fully embody my character! She honored every special detail about her and took the time to ask for feedback during the process and adjust accordingly. I am so happy with the finished product! I would highly recommend Liana.

- Caroline H.

Her attention to detail and ability to capture a character's personality was exactly what I was after. Her regular communication and enthusiasm was wonderful and reassured me that my character was in good hands. I can't thank her enough for making my very first commission a breeze.

- Matthew A.

Liana is a real professional and everything feels like it, from the moment I checked her portfolio and orders, all the way up to the delivery. She is available to listen to your query and will also work with you to make sure that the end result fits what you had in mind.

- Stéphane

The response time was great and she exceeded the deadlines she gave me and was willing to make any additional changes I wanted, which ended up not being necessary. You can actually see what my character is like just from his portrait alone! Thanks for turning my idea and my character into reality.

- Austin B.

I love this so much! Roselyn is a dear character to me and Liana did her justice. Every small detail was masterfully put in. I was so excited about it that I immediately showed my party and they adored it. I will definitely be commissioning Liana again for future characters!

- Veronica H.

Liana has been such a pleasure to work with. Her drawings are not only spot on with my request, but she adds her own creativity to bring the photos alive. I previously had done some work and she captured what i envisioned each time. Definitely will be requesting more work in the future!

- Ryann P.

Thank you so much! It looks even better than I expected. If you’re doing commissions in the future I’ll definitely come to you for more characters.
That’s epic! Exactly how I picture her!
I've had a good think about it and I really can't think of anything I'd like changed in the revision. As far as I'm concerned, it's perfect, to be quite honest. That is to say, I definitely feel that I am happy with the drawing. Thank you ever so much!
This is perfect, thank you so much! Actually I was wondering if I could order another one too, if you don't mind?
The drawing looks amazing, can't wait to show my group. I'm very happy with the whole process from the commission request form all the way to final product.
Thank you so much, I really love this piece :)